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shahram ghasemi , شهرام قاسمي


This is Shahram Ghasemi. I am graduated in Industrial Electronics. I have passed many workshops in design and implementation of electrical circuits and also mastered a few programming languages beside hardware. I have designed websites and performed content production and seo for some organizations. My interest in sales and marketing areas led me to medical equipment market. My first experiment was in a research/diagnostic laboratory equipment company. Based on my background in electronics, I could handle both service and sales of these devices.

However, my compassion towards sales area caused me to seek more, do heavy studies, and attend related workshops in sales management and branding principals. Simultaneously, I entered in Medical Imaging market and worked specifically on Ultrasound machines. Five years of experience in this area and selling more than 200 devices to private market made me a specialist in sales and professional in application area.

I believe, you can sell and take market share of any product with a professional program on sales and strategies. In my opinion, a good sales person must put into practice his knowledge about the products as well as his communication and negotiation skills to gain credit in market and catch the target.

My interest in writing, led me to create virtual pages as website and Instagram to share my knowledge and experiences with audiences about medical equipment besides sales, marketing and branding.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you required any professional consultation for your organization.

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I am Shahram Ghasemi. I am an Electronics Engineer working in the marketing and sales area of medical equipment. I started my career with repairment of medical research/diagnostic laboratory devices. As I was very interested to communication, marketing and sales, I started to expand my knowledge and entered in this field.

I am looking forward to collaborate with your organization, should my expertise can provide value.


Bachelor's Degree in Electronics
Sales Management
Negotiation and Professional Selling
Personal Selling
Digital Marketing
Sales and Marketing Specialist
Sales Planning Specialist
Ultrasound Applications Specialist
Hardware Repair Man
Professional Electronic Board Repair
Electrical Equipment Installation
Medical Equipment Technical Expert
Middle East Distributor Training
SEO/ Web Developer



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